MoneyGram is the second largest provider of money transfers in the world.

MoneyGram operates in more than 200 countries with a global network of more than 350,000 agent offices. GönderAL is MoneyGram’s super-agent in Turkey. Customers can send money from GönderAL locations to anywhere in the world or receive money from anywhere in the world.

Money Transfer Platform

Re-engineered the software and hardware infrastructure of GönderAL, which is exclusive partner of MoneyGram in Turkey. Designed and developed a tailor made software which enabled GönderAL to operate in their 300 branches across the country for domestic and international money transfers. Advanced integration with POS systems, the company expanded their operations to more than 1200 locations in collaboration with global supermarket chain Migros. Software includes custom developed anti money laundering (AML) and know your customer (KYC) modules to ensure authentic transfers.

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